Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Clean Willesden Green

Back in May, Make Willesden Green supporters helped our Willesden neighbour, Deborah Mahs, organise a clean-up morning drawing attention to the sad state of the service road behind Walm Lane. It seems her campaign is already yielding results and, spurred on by this success and support, Deborah has organised a wider clean-up with the Willesden Green Town Team on Saturday 26th July. Below is Deborah's message - we hope many of us can come out an help, even if it's briefly, for what promises to be a great community event.

Guest Blog by Deborah Mahs
Hello Willesden Green!! Come on down to Walm Lane, by Willesden Green underground on Saturday 26th July around 3pm and I will very likely be giving you a scrubbing brush and asking you to join in the fun and cleaning along with other passionate residents of Willesden Green, signifying our desire to improve, uplift and beautify the environs of Willesden Green, the home we live in. For a couple of hours clean teams and anyone passing who will willingly join in will be giving Walm Lane an unusual cleanup. Veolia, Brent's Waste and Recycling Management provider will be deep cleaning the pavements in the week before the event and on Saturday 26th they will be attending as well to lend their support to the community with volunteers and equipment. The Willesden Green Fire Brigade will also be on hand with one of their Fire Engines lending their support by providing the water and joining in the clean up. And this is just the beginning!! Too often in the past I have looked the other way when I see dilapidation, untidiness, dirt or things I don't like happening in my streets - but now I really am inspired to make a positive impact and I am calling on the community to join me. The clean up is to encourage awareness and involvement at any level, even if its just to look on and smile in support. I see Willesden Green as a gem hidden under a layer of dust and disconnection and I want to reach out to my neighbours because I know that over time with caring and actions, however small, we can improve our streets, buildings and local area and make Willesden Green a desirable place to live and visit and a joy for us all to be proud of. I am so looking forward to the friends we can all make and fun we can have and seeing Willesden Green begin to look fine, clean and vibrant. Please do join us for the cleaning, to look on and cheer and for the party afterwards at The Nest Cafe (5pm) by Willesden Green Underground station.

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