We Support Make Willesden Green

Louise Wadsworth
"As last year’s Chair of Willesden Green Town Team I was delighted when I heard that Alex Colas had decided to stand as an independent Councillor. I have spent the year trying to get Brent Council to actually deliver on their promises of local regeneration and improvement (largely still undelivered). We have tried to engage our current local Councillors in order to try and take things forward but have found them to be lacking in backbone and unprepared to go against the wishes of Council Officers. This has meant that decisions have been made locally for dubious political reasons, by people who do not live in our area or at worse nothing has been done at all. It is great to see someone local standing up to fight for our local community so we strongly urge you to come out on election day and make sure he gets the chance to really represent local residents without party politics and untainted by the agenda of Brent Council."
Louise Wadsworth, Willesden Resident (personal capacity)
Helen Sensi
"I welcomed the news that Alex Colas would be standing as Independent candidate for Willesden Green. At last here is someone who is prepared to put his head above the parapet and campaign for the democratic rights of our local community. Alex was a devoted supporter of the Willesden Bookshop--where I had worked since it's opening in 1989.When it's future was threatened by Brent Council's redevelopment plans,Alex became part of the campaign Keep Willesden Green.Despite massive local opposition to Brent's plans,the council went ahead,demolishing the library centre and community bookshop.
Alex is an advocate of fairness and justice in local politics.I believe he can always be relied upon to represent the best interests of our diverse community". 
Helen Sensi, Willesden resident, former Willesden Bookshop employee

Joseph Finlay
"I'll be supporting Labour in the general election but for these council elections we need something different and that's why I'm backing Alex Colas and Make Willesden Green. Willesden Green could be an amazing place to live it we had a bit of political creativity. Brent council - whose main policy seems to be to give developers everything they want can't offer this.  Queen's Parade is great but it is only temporary - it will soon be gone, and the council's demolition of the Electric House and  its plan to knock down the Queenbsury are the opposite of what the area needs. Imagine what it could be like here: genuine consultation on what residents want, preserving historic buildings, setting up places for people to meet and socialise, like an acoustic music venue or a bookshop, working with freeholders to create a balance range of shops on the high street that really enhance the area. We need new people and new ideas to make Willesden thrive - an thoughtful independent like Alex offers so much more than another Labour or Lib Dem councillor who will just tow their party line. Alex is the real deal - a genuine local campaigner who is going beyond party politics and putting Willesden Green first".
Joseph Finlay, Willesden Green resident

Gill Wood
"I have known Alex since we worked together to try and save the Willesden Green Library Centre from demolition. With it, we fought to retain the Willesden Bookshop, a much used and loved resource not only to Willesden's community but also to the community of Brent schools and beyond. It was a key landmark which united many of us. We came together in that campaign for many reasons:  among them, wishing to celebrate the diverse cultures and experiences we're privileged enough to share by living here together; developing and nurturing our society through education; understanding the urgent need to provide adequate social housing for our families who have lived in this area for years,  rather than increasing the already inflated private rental market for developers and overseas investors who will contribute nothing to our community. These are goals that many councillors,  previously elected to serve us and our needs,  have either failed to or chosen not to recognise. By supporting and voting for Alex Colas in May you will be voting for a principled candidate who really will put the needs of Willesden Green and our community first".
Gill Wood,  Willesden resident, School Governor and Keep Willesden Green Campaigner 

Katy Layton-Jones
“For decades, the needs and aspirations of the people of Willesden Green have come second to the party political battles of Brent Council and the commercial greed of developers.  In recent years, the community has made repeated attempts to engage with Brent Council and to make a tangible positive impact on our streets and businesses. However, all too often they encounter condescension and hostility. This year, members of the community are applying to become a Neighbourhood Planning Forum, which could finally enable people who live and work in Willesden Green to have a greater say in how it is developed, conserved, and improved. If this process is to succeed, we need councilors who are willing to listen to the community and serve its interests.  It is clear that Willesden Green needs a councilor with the ethics and energy that our current councilors do not exhibit. We need an independent councilor who will take a principled stance on our behalf, rather than cower in the face of political and commercial pressure. For this reason I fully endorse the independent candidate Alex Colas."
Katy Layton-Jones, Willesden Green resident, chair of Neighbourhood Planning Forum (personal capacity)

Said Issaad
"I am pleased to be able to give full  support to Alex Colas and the Make Willesden Green Campaign. As you probably noticed our area is being let down by Brent Councillors and quiet frankly I wish not to support Labour. Alex is very committed to make Willesden a better place, a safer place and a greener place to live in. He will look after  its people, make sure they enjoy the best amenities and most importantly preserve and conserve its historic buildings. For this I trust to give full support and put forward Alex Colas to be the most accountable candidate for Brent Council".
Said Issaad, Willesden Green resident since May 2004

Ruth Teddern
 “I am pleased to be able to give my support to Alex Colas and the Make Willesden Green Campaign.  Our neighbourhood is being let down by Brent Councillors and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to support Labour.  Alex is committed to protecting what makes Willesden the place we want to live – it’s people, amenities and historic buildings – and to being our fully accountable representative on Brent Council.”  

Ruth Teddern, Willesden Green resident

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