Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spaces for Cycling

I joined about a dozen other Brent Cyclists last Sunday for a tour of the Borough’s high roads and back streets, as part of their campaign to put safe cycling at the heart of May's local elections . Despite the inauspicious weather forecast, it turned out to be a great morning out. Cycling can be a quick, cheap and easy way of getting around Brent, but it can also be quite dangerous in the absence of protected cycle tracks on the larger roads. I therefore think it’s important to support initiatives like the Space for Cycling campaign which calls for separating bicycles and motor traffic at busy roads and junctions, lowering speed limits to 20 MPH and the creation of safe cycling and walking routes for all children between home and school. The London Cycling Campaign will soon launch an online facility where residents can make suggestions on how to make their neighbourhoods safe for cycling. I was told the next Brent Cyclists event  is on Saturday 26th April and will involve a short cycle route connecting various schools in the north of the Borough.

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